Sardis Lake Baptist Church
Sardis, MS
Sardis Lake Baptist Mission began in August, 1955 as a mission effort of Sardis First Baptist Church. It began in the home of Mrs. Bertha Still who was an member of Sardis FBC & she, along with other members saw the need of a church being built in the Sardis Lake community.

Bernie Keating & Wallace Moore were the Sunday School teachers that came out each Sunday afternoon at 3:00 pm. Mr. Moore's daughter Becky came out with them, to play the piano. Rev. Arthur Houghton, the current pastor of Sardis FBC preached. Later after Benny & Pat Horne were married, Pat Horne played the piano for SLBM & later, SLBC.

A large tent was put up in which preaching was held each Sunday.. Also, revivals & VBS Bible were held in the tent once a year. In the very first revival, 10 people were saved. This was on August 14, 1955. Saved during this revival were Stanley Horne, Alfred Mills, Kirk Gant, Billy Gant, Rubye Smith, Gene Dulin, Ben Dulin, Jimmy Dulin, Malcolm Mason, Sr. & Malcolm Mason, Jr. Baptisms were held at Sardis FBC.

Rev. Houghton & Benny would visit in the community for about an hour after services before he had to preach at his church in Sardis. A census was taken in April of 1955. Benny & Pat Horne helped in this & it was determined that there was enough interested people that it was thought that a church could be established.

The mission was constituted as a church on August 28, 1966. After Mrs. Still passed away, a small church building was built on the same spot where the present parsonage is now. It was a small white wooden building which included a small sanctuary & 4 class rooms. Wallace Moore, Bernie Keating, Benny Horne & other laborers from FBC Sardis erected this building. A church in Panola County donated wooden stadium type seats to be attached to the floor. Buck Horne, Granny Horne, Stanley Horne, Benny & Pat Horne attached these to the floors.

Rev. Charles Conley was pastor of Sardis FBC at this time & the church would send lay speakers from time to time. We were few in number, approximately 10 to 15 members for several years. Most members were elderly & children (mostly members of the Horne family) for several years.

There were not many tithers at that time so we couldn't have a full time preacher. We were so few in number, that we had to have preachers that had other vocations. Although we were few in number, we were huge in spirit. Slowly through the years we began to increase in number & having souls get saved. We rejoiced in this !!!

Preachers at SLBC were Rev. Thomas Durrett, Rev. Lamar Barnett, Rev. Billy McDaniel, Dr. Albert Wilkerson, Rev. Billy Howe, Rev. O. W. Wheeler & there were quite a few lay speakers. We were so happy in the Lord & grew in spirit & eventually in number We were blessed to have the preachers that brought GOD'S word to us through the years.

For years, we could only pay $50.00 a week but these men of GOD were not preaching for the money & most of our members were making far less than $50.00 per week, there were few adults & times were hard during those years.

In 2004, construction was completed on our new Sanctuary that seats 450. In May 2004 we held our first service in our new Sanctuary.

In 2007, Lisa Langley donated a Family Life Center, complete with full size gym, kitchen, fellowship hall, bathrooms, showers and conference room. This building was donated in memory of her husband, Robert Langley, killed in the line of duty while serving with the Ole Miss Police Department and in memory of  one our youth, John Mark Wolfe.

God has truely blessed us here at Sardis Lake Baptist Church. We describe our church as "Big enough to serve you, but small enough to know you." We are a praying church, a family . We may have grown in size, but we are still just a little country church in middle of a field, spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ.
Music: I've Been Blessed by The Erwin's
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